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CaptchaGen - Captcha Generator

CaptchaGen is a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) image generator, a Captcha is aimed to stop bots from accessing areas of a web site that are meant for humans only, an example could be a spambot that posts spam as a comment to a blog entry.

With our CaptchaGen (Captcha Generator) script you can add this function to any area of your site with very little work if you have some perl experience. The actual script that does the work is more like a module in that your own scripts just 'require' it apart from setting half a dozen variables at the begining of the script.

Pay Per Pixel

Pay Per Pixel allows you to sell pixel space on your home page. By now I am sure you have seen sites like, if you haven't where have you been for the past months.

Pixel selling sites are sprouting up everywhere and we feel this is going to grow to become one of the most popular methods of advertising on the internet. Of all the sites we came across we found them to have a common flaw, they all processed orders for pixels manually. We decided that for 5 Cent Pixels we wanted to automate the whole system so we developed Pay Per Pixel to do ALL of the work for us.

Banner Creator

Banner Creator is a perl cgi script that allows your visitors to create their own banners online in a matter of seconds and have the banner emailed to them. Offer your visitors a free banner of charge them for the service via Paypal


The MyIPN script is the perl cgi script that we use for the digital delivery of our scripts to you. Not only does it handle delivery by email of scripts, software and ebooks etc it also handles Recuring subscriptions, adding the Paypal generated username and password to the database and the htpasswd file if required.

All payments received via paypal are logged even if they are for items not in the database and you can easily view all transactions via the Administration Screen. MyIPN even generates the html code you need for your Paypal 'Buy Now' or 'Subscribe Now' buttons.

Bot Creator

BotCreator is a perl cgi script for creating IRC bots for protecting your channel.

The script presents the user with a form to complete asking for general bot information such as the IP address that it will be bound to and the IRC network it will be connecting to etc.

Protect Files

Protect Files is a simple perl cgi script for protecting your bandwidth from being used by other sites linking to your images. The script is called with the url

The script checks to see if the referer is valid, if it is then it displays the image as normal, otherwise it displays an 'dont steal my files' image.