Bot Creator CGI Scripts 4 U

Demo Here

A simple script for creating IRC bots for protecting your channel.

The script presents the user with a form to complete asking for general bot information such as the IP address that it will be bound to and the IRC network it will be connecting to etc, it also configure a selection of third party tcl scripts that it will configure for the user. Once the form has been completed the script will then create the conf file and addon scripts and create a tarball for the user to download and give them instructions on how to get their bot running.

The bot files created are suitable for eggdrop/windrop irc bots, the eggdrop/windrop binaries are not included in the users download but the script has links to them displayed on the form.

Installation of the script is simple, Once you receive the tarball in your mailbox, upload it to your webserver and type tar -zxvf botcreator.tar.gz

Edit the index.cgi and set the 2 variables $title and $extratxt and hey presto you should be ready to go.

You can change the color scheme of the script by editing the file botcreator.css that is in the files sub directory.