About CGI Scripts 4 U

CGI Scripts 4 U was created by Greg Mathews in 2001. For about 3 years Greg had been working for a Web Hosting company as their customer support administrator, while working there he started dabling with perl, looking at existing scripts such as formmail and seeing how they worked.

Around 1998, Greg developed a classifieds ads script to run on his own site for his local community, this was before sites like Craigs List had become big. After a little while Greg started getting enquiries asking where he purchased the script so he decided to make it available to purchase for the site.

Over the next couple of years Greg had developed a couple more perl scripts, mainly for his own use, so decided to make them all available to purchase, this saw the birth of CGI Scripts 4 U.

Greg spends more time working on custom projects coding for clients, than his own scripts but is open to idea's for new scripts. If a client needs a custom script but doesn't have the budget then he will consider coding the script in either Perl or PHP and negotiate the cost in exchange for keeping the rights to sell or use the script else where.

CGI Scripts 4 U is now willing to discuss any custom script that a client may require using any of the following :

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • BootStrap