Services CGI Scripts 4 U

Custom Scripts

We are able to create custom scripts specific to your needs, we pride ourselves in the fact that we don't publicise the fact that your script was written by us, we feel that once it's handed over to you it is then yours. You get the script and and all rights to it. However if the script you ask us to code is more general then you may not need to keep all the rights to it in which case CGIScripts4u could offer to keep the rights, allowing us to sell the script on our site for example, and at the same time give you a substantial discount.

CGI Scripts 4 U is now willing to discuss any custom script that you may require using any of the following :

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • BootStrap

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Script Installation

Have you downloaded a script to use on your web site but don't know how to install it? can't find the installation documentation? can't get hold of the author for help with the installation?

CGI Scripts 4 u will install any script for you on your web site. This service is not restricted to just our own scripts.

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Reponsive Conversion

With so many devices available that can access the internet it is difficult to ensure that your web site looks good on all off them. It used to be the rule that you designed your site so it looks best on the most popular web browser that accessed your site, that was easy as there was only 3 or 4 main browsers and a few popular screen resolutions, but now there are hundreds of devices and screen sizes using the internet use the same approach is now inpractical.

CGI Scripts 4 U can now recreate your web site using well established frameworks so that it will look good on most devices rather than just a few, take a look at our web site on your desktop and smart phone or tablet and you will see that it looks good on both.

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CGI Scripts 4 U are developers not web hosts but our founder Greg has always hosted customer sites since first working for a web host company in 1997. If you have a script that you want to use but your current host doesn't meet the script requirements then we are able to help you out, we can host just the script or your whole site the choice is you.

Click here to tell us about the script you need hosting or if you need your whole web site hosted and we will come up with an affordable custom hosting package for you.