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Moneybookers Membership

The Moneybookers Membership is a cgi script written in perl that allows your visitors to pay for membership on a recuring basis via Moneybookers.

The script requires that you have the Digest::MD5, CGI and DBI perl modules installed on your server and you have a MySQL database.

You must create a table in your database with the following columns:

This table can have additional columns if you wish for your own use but the above columns are the only ones that the script will use.

The formatting of the forms is totally down to you. All you need to do is design the html and include the tag %%output%% where you would like the four form fields placed and save it as moneybookers.html.

Now it's time to configure the script. There are a few variables at the beginning of the script that you need to set, these include setting your Moneybookers email address etc.

When the script is called in the browser it will display the page that you have designed with a form inserted asking the user to enter their desired username and password and email address.

When submitted the script checks to ensure that the selected username doesn't already exist. If it does the user is prompted to retry. The user is then presented with the membership options which once selected takes them on to the Moneybookers website for payment.

Try this demo form. Please note that if you complete the payment process in the demo form the payment will be processed and refunds will not be issued, you should however log into your moneybookers account later and cancel any recuring payments that have been set up.

Once the payment has gone through the user is returned to your website and the database is updated confirming their payment.

Note 1: This script does not create .htaccess files etc as it is not what is required much of the time.

Note 2: As Moneybookers do not appear to notify you when a member cancels their membership this script does not handle the cancellations. However we will be releasing a 'pro' version of this script in the near future that does deal with this plus more.