Banner Creator CGI Scripts 4 U

Banner Creator is a cgi script that allows your visitors to create their own banners online in a matter of seconds and have the banner emailed to them. See Demo

Our thanks go out to,,, for allowing us to use their banner backgrounds. Although the banner backgrounds we use in our Demo are included in your download, we are NOT charging you for them and they are only to be used for testing purposes, if you wish to use them permanently you should contact the owners of the above sites and ask for their permision.


How it works

Your visitors use the online form to create their banner, they are able to select a static background banner or color, the font they want to use, the color of the text and the speed of the animation, if animated banner, etc.

As they complete the form, their banner is created on the screen so they can see how it will look, they are unable to right click on the banner to save it locally.

Once they enter their email address and click on the 'email banner to me' the banner is emailed to them. If you have selected the option, at this point the text 'free banner created at yoursitename' is added to the bottom of the banner.

Within the email that is sent to the user with their new banner you can include a link for them to return and edit their banner aswell as a link for them to pay for the banner if you are charging for it. If they pay for the banner, a new banner will be emailed to them without the 'free banner' text once payment is completed via paypal.

Banners or not stored on your server, instead the form data is stored so less than 500 bytes of storage is needed for each banner. Only data the last banner created for an email address is stored, ie if I created a banner and had it sent to and then returned later and created another banner and had it emailed to me, the later one is the only one stored on the system, this is the one I would receive if I then made a payment.


Payment is made via Paypal, click on the 'Buy Now' button for the package you are purchasing and the currency you wish to pay in and you will be taken to the Paypal website to make your payment. As soon as your payment has been completed your script will be emailed to you at the email address you used to pay with.

The BASIC Banner Creator allows you to offer the Basic Banner Creator. You will also receive 14 days email support from the day of purchase.

This package includes all the banner backgrounds that we use in our demo, please note we are not selling these as stated above.

The other banner types, ie Alternating banner, scrolling banner,. morphing banner and chasing banner, can be purchased as an add on to the BASIC Banner Creator above. Please note the BASIC banner creator is required before you can install these additional banners.